Meat Processing


Direct spray Superheated Steam on food

We take advantage superheated steam for boiling and grilling.

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3D Intelligence Portion Cutter Type M

High speed and high accuracy portion cutter

3D measurement system measures product’s weight and size and then the machine cuts automatically to your designated weight and size.

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Automatic Knife Polishing Robot “Togirobo Version II”

Automatic knife polishing robot

On setting up the knives in the machine, the robot automatically sharpens them efficiently. Anyone can easily use this machine.

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Beef & Pork Cubic Cutting Machine

One-way cubic cutting machine

As a block of meat is set on the machine, it is automatically cut in a strip shape. After that, the strip shaped meat is cut into a cubic shape. *A strip shape type machine is also available.

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Hog washer

Cleaning hogs before processing

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Jet Sweeper

Water Removal machine for vaccum packed beef

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