【Meat Processing】 Automatic Knife Polishing Robot “Togirobo Version II”

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Automatic knife polishing robot

The robot automatically sharpens knives with simple operation.
No skilled sharpener is required and any worker can use the machine easily.

・No skilled labor requirement
・More effective than hand polishing
・Uniformly polish knives
・Easy touch panel operation

Automatic Knife Polishing Robot “Togirobo Version II”Photo Gallery

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  • Setting a knife on the table
  • Robot starts to polish knife automatically
  • Sharpening to fisnishing


Product Name Togirobo Version II
Total length 1,838mm
Total width 1,780mm
Total height 1,504mm
Weight 2,000kg
Power Supply 200V 1.7kw
Water Consumption --
Air Consumption 60ℓ/min
Steam Supply --
Capacity --
Work Size --
Robot 6 Axis multi-joint robot
Free range of sharpener settings


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