Seafood Processing

Salmon/Traut processingIkura (Salmon/Trout Roe) Processing Image

Salmon/trout processing

For the salmon/trout industry, we are able to offer a total line from head cutting to portion cutting processing. No competitors catch up with our total line service.


Ikura (Salmon/Trout Roe) ProcessingIkura (Salmon/Trout Roe) Processing Image

Ikura processing

Ikura (Salmon/Trout Roe) if often regarded as “Sea Jewelry”.

Its color and taste are very popular among the Japanese. Should you have a plan to produce Ikura, please contact to us.


Scallop processingScallop processing Image


Our main goal to developing these machines was to realize mass production while keeping taste delicious.

There is a difference in terms of taste and texture between hand shucking and machine shucking.


OthersOthers Image


Our knowhow for fish processing extends to other fishes such as yellow tail and bonito/skipjack.
We always pay attention to developing the state of the art machine.