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Water Removal machine for vaccum packed beef

Antibacterial urethane sponge and air blower remove water on the surface of products.
Staffs no longer get involved in water removing process.

・No need to remove water by stuffs
・Reduce moisture in the carton
・Enable to soak products in water
・Installable into existed assembly line
・Save operation cost


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Product Name Jet Sweeper
Total length 1,004mm
Total width 1,540mm
Total height 2,252mm
Weight 1,500kg
Power Supply 200V 10kw
Water Consumption --
Air Consumption --
Steam Supply --
Capacity 12 packs/min
Work Size Each beef parts for vacuumed packing
Conveyor Speed Max 5.7m/min
Diameter (sponge) 90mm


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